Rotation Engineering
Quality | Capability | Flexibility

Often, customer needs go beyond traditional metal stamping. At Rotation Engineering, we have the equipment and experience to offer a unique level of quality, capability, and flexibility.

Rapid response and consistent quality determines who succeeds in today's market. Finding a stamping supplier that can reliably and economically assist from design to final production and scheduling of parts can make a significant difference in your response times and inventory commitment. Rotation Engineering is a Minnesota-based, progressive engineering, metal stamping and manufacturing company with over 45 years of experience helping customers with their manufacturing needs.

What is unique about the service at Rotation Engineering?

  • Engineering design assistance
  • Complete in-house toolroom
  • Quick response prototyping
  • Extensive manufacturing capability
  • Fast track development
  • Inventorying, packaging and shipping capability
  • Kanban component scheduling
  • Proven quality program with full documentation
  • Value engineering track record