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Engineering Design & Support

Engineers at Rotation provide design support services to help customers reduce development time and improve quality and reliability. This includes design assistance with material selection, shapes, sizes and tolerances. It also includes the identification of opportunities for reducing the number of components and operations. At Rotation, we utilize PRO-E and Auto-CAD software and have full 3-D graphics capability.


Quick Response Prototyping

Toolmakers at Rotation utilize a variety of hardware and software to provide quick response prototyping on new projects. They have an array of tools available to them, including PRO-E engineering software, laser prototyping equipment, machining centers, EDM and a variety of stamping machines. Parts created on these systems closely emulate the performance and behavior of production parts, allowing advanced functional analysis to be performed before the final design for metal stamping is approved and released.  The result is rapid turnaround and faster time to market for our customers.


Tooling Capability

Since Rotation was founded as a tool and die company, we have unique expertise in the design, production, storage and maintenance of tooling within our facility. Leveraging this expertise allows us to greatly reduce the normal tooling lead times associated with using outside vendors. Our skilled staff utilize HAAS-WF-E machining centers and EDM technology to manufacture new tooling and make engineering changes with little or no delay on the project.



Rotation Engineering has a full range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to produce precision metal stampings out of virtually any alloy.

Major Equipment 

  • 30-400 Ton Presses - capable of producing small intricate parts to large industrial components using a 4' x 8' bed on a 400-ton press
  • Press Brakes - capable of producing high quality production runs from a couple of parts, to a few thousand parts, to address quick delivery requirements
  • ½ inch AFM Shears - providing increased flexibility to address specific customer needs for parts on a quick turnaround basis

Additional Capabilities

  • Welding: Rotation offers this service to produce high quality parts without delays associated with using secondary vendors
  • Secondary Processing: To reduce response times, Rotation offers heat treating, painting, plating, deburring, tapping, riveting, tumbling, surface finishing, machining, electrostatic coating, plastisol coating, assembly and more
  • Packaging options: to accommodate specific customer needs
  • Warehousing options
  • Scheduling / Shipping/ Inventory: Kanban product scheduling and shipping to reduce costs, inventorying of customer product for true JIT shipment, drop-shipping, etc.



400-ton Press