Your custom metal stampings are only as good as the raw material from which they are manufactured.

At Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing, we leverage 45+ years of production expertise along with our superior vendor network to provide your business with the premium, application-specific material considerations that your products deserve. Below are just four of the ways our engineers choose the optimum metal for every job.

1. Raw Material Costs

First and foremost, a well-designed, profitable metal part should take into account material costs. The modern manufacturing process is convoluted and complex. Therefore, it must be carefully engineered and orchestrated with the right raw materials to ensure that your finished products are cost-effective while meeting all of your custom specifications and quality requirements.

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2. Optimized Strength and Structural Integrity

Not every product requires the utmost in metallurgical strength and precision. For example, it would likely be overkill (and prohibitively expensive) to manufacture a generic bracket for office equipment using high-strength steel,  or stainless steel. Our engineering experts draw upon decades of combined product experience to recommend the ideal material for your application – optimized for both cost and quality.

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3. Material Availability

The COVID-19 pandemic taught a number of hard lessons to the manufacturing world with regards to the procurement of raw materials. Steel prices remain at an all-time high, while virtually all raw metals are experiencing drastic fluctuations in price and availability.

Designing your products for manufacturability requires authoritative expertise within the global market to ensure your products are built from the best metals at the best prices. Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing provides that expertise along with the flexibility to work with a range of materials, enabling us to choose the ideal option for every part

4. Appropriate Processes and Tooling Relative to Your Product Requirements

Process & ToolingWe will consider several processes to determine the most cost-effective manufacturing method for your metal part. For example, there is no need to build an expensive class “A” progressive tool if your volume requirement is modest. We can look at short-run tooling and low-volume processes in comparison to long-running and high-volume options to optimize the process to your unique products and applications.

We have many customers that start with short run/soft tooling and invest in high-volume tooling as their sales grow. We look forward to understanding your needs so we can make the best recommendations fine-tuned for your business.

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Founded in 1973, Rotation Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company specializing in precision metal stamping and custom tooling solutions. We deliver the friendly and focused customer service of a small American business combined with the mid- to high-volume production capabilities of a leading global manufacturer.