Team & Values

At Rotation Engineering, we have been satisfying your most critical metal stamping requirements since 1973.

Rotation Engineering’s Core Values

Integrity: We have strong moral principles that drive us to “do the right thing” for our customers and one another.

Above and Beyond: We are motivated and committed to doing not just what is required, but what is needed. We strive to exceed expectations!

Customer-Driven: We think like our customer and make decisions with their satisfaction being the goal.

Attitude is Everything: We use an enthusiastic and energetic approach to meet challenges with a willing and positive attitude. “Let’s do it!”

Team First: We work together for the betterment of the company, respecting each other’s roles and abilities while always doing our individual best for the collaborative success of the team.

Why We Follow the EOS Model

The Entrepreneurial Organization System (EOS) is a business model that helps companies like Rotation Engineering effectively and continually manage and strengthen their businesses. The EOS system addresses the six components of a company: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction, bringing discipline and accountability into the organization.

Our Mission

Rotation Engineering is committed to total customer satisfaction by delivering quality products on time and at a competitive price within a framework built on integrity, superior service and advanced technology. We believe quality is achieved by:


  • Teamwork and employee involvement
  • Ethical behavior
  • Pride in workmanship
  • Continuous improvement
  • Quality-minded leadership
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