Capabilities: The Rotation Difference

Our customers have come to depend on our core strengths: engineering design and support, quick response prototyping, and tooling capability.

Design & Support

Engineers at Rotation provide design support services to help customers reduce development time and improve quality and reliability. This includes design assistance with material selection, shapes, sizes and tolerances. It also includes the identification of opportunities for reducing the number of components and operations.

At Rotation, we consult with our customers on challenging design issues to help save money in the manufacturing process and lead the market in quality.  With our engineering insight and prototyping, we identify ways to make parts more easily; with thinner, stronger, better, or more reliable material and methods; and in a way that is repeatable. This approach drives internal margins and decreases product costs while improving product functionality.

Quick Response Prototyping

Toolmakers at Rotation utilize a variety of hardware and software to provide quick response prototyping on new projects.

They have an array of tools available to them, including SolidWorks Software, laser prototyping equipment, brake press, machining centers, EDM and a variety of stamping machines.

Parts created on these systems closely emulate the performance and behavior of production parts, allowing advanced functional analysis to be performed before the final design for metal stamping is approved and released.  The result is rapid turnaround and faster time to market for our customers.

Tooling Capability

Since Rotation was founded as a tool and die company, we have unique expertise in the design, production, storage and maintenance of tooling within our facility. We offer cost-efficient, dependable tooling and stamping with the highest quality levels in the industry that won’t negatively impact piece part price.  Leveraging this expertise allows us to greatly reduce the normal tooling lead times associated with using outside vendors.

Our skilled staff utilizes HAAS-WF-E machining centers and EDM technology to manufacture new tooling and make engineering improvements.


At Rotation Engineering, we see our services as an extension of our customer’s business. This means we always put the needs of our customers first, and always look for ways to reduce costs through value engineering. Our continuous focus is on providing customers with the highest quality products and services available. This extra effort distinguishes us from other metal stamping suppliers and typically transforms our relationship with customers into a true partnership.