Our Equipment

We have a full range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to produce precision metal stampings and fabrications from virtually any alloy.

Punch Presses

A partial list of presses at Rotation shows our capability of producing a wide range of small intricate parts to large industrial components:

  • Blow 400 ton– 54” x 96” w/feed line
  • Komatsu 200 ton servo– 35” x 57” w/feed line
  • Komatsu 200 ton– 35” x 57” w/feed line and cushion
  • Federal 125 ton– 28” x 40” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 110 ton– 27.5” x 43”w/feed line
  • Niagara 110 ton– 27” x 42” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 60 ton– 21.5” x 35.5” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 45 ton– 17.5” x 31.5” w/feed line

Press Brakes

Our new Amada brake press is capable of producing high-quality production runs from low to medium volume.

  • Amada HG 1303 Brake Press. 146 tons, handles a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths up to 122.4 inches

Laser Cutting

  • Amada 6000W Fiber Laser ENSIS 3015 AJ (6000 watt)
  • Mitsubishi Laser 3015 LZP (4000 watt). Max sheet size: 60″ X 120″
  • Mitsubishi Laser (1500 watt)

Other Equipment

Rotation has a wide range of additional equipment to support production:

  • Wire EDM machines
  • Haas CNC Super-Speed Vertical Machining Centers, including a Haas VF5-SS
  • Mills
  • Tumblers
  • Hydraulic Sheers

Secondary Processing

Rotation also offers machining, welding, deburring, hardware insertion, orbit forming, tapping, riveting. We will manage outside services like heat treating, painting, plating, e-coating, plastisol coating, and more.


Rapid response and consistent quality determines who succeeds in today’s market. Finding a stamping supplier that can reliably and economically assist from design to final production and scheduling of parts can make a significant difference in your response times and inventory commitment.