Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Equipment

From our 400-ton punch press to our state-of-the-art laser cutting machine, Rotation Engineering is outfitted with a range of advanced manufacturing equipment to produce your precision metal stampings and custom fabrications with unparalleled quality and consistency.

Punch Presses

Rotation Engineering is outfitted with numerous punch presses ranging from 45 to 400 tons. Our complete line of punch presses allows us to produce metal stampings ranging from small, intricate parts to large industrial components with press beds up to 96 inches.

  • Blow 400 ton– 54” x 96” w/feed line
  • Komatsu 200 ton servo– 35” x 57” w/feed line
  • Komatsu 200 ton– 35” x 57” w/feed line and cushion
  • Federal 125 ton– 28” x 40” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 110 ton– 27.5” x 43”w/feed line
  • Niagara 110 ton– 27” x 42” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 60 ton– 21.5” x 35.5” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 45 ton– 17.5” x 31.5” w/feed line

Press Brakes

Our new Amada brake press is capable of producing high-quality production runs from low to medium volume with unbeatable consistency.

  • Amada HG 1303 Brake Press. 146 tons, handles a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths up to 122.4 inches
  • Amada EG 6013 AR Servo-electric Brake Press. 67 tons, quickly handles up to 53.1 inches long.

Laser Cutting

Rotation Engineering is equipped with one of the most advanced laser cutting machines in the fabrication industry.

  • Amada 6000W Fiber Laser ENSIS 3015 AJ (6000 watt)

Other Fabrication Equipment

Rotation Engineering has a wide range of additional manufacturing equipment to support our innovative fabrication capabilities.

  • Wire EDM machines
  • Haas CNC Super-Speed Vertical Machining Centers, including a Haas VF5-SS
  • Mills
  • Tumblers

Secondary Processing

Rotation Engineering offers secondary processing and manufacturing services, including machining, welding, deburring, hardware insertion, orbit forming, tapping and riveting.

With more than 50 years of expertise in the manufacturing industry, we partner with our trusted network of secondary providers to help you streamline your production processes. This includes managing all the outside metal finishing services you require including heat treating, painting, plating, e-coating, plastisol coating and more.

Efficient Manufacturing Solutions Require Precision Tools & Equipment

Rapid response and consistent quality determines whether your business will succeed in today’s highly competitive market. Our precision metal stamping and fabrication shop delivers unbeatable manufacturing consistency and turnaround times that position you above your competitors.

Our streamlined range of capabilities guarantees maximum product quality and speed to market while minimizing your inventory commitment. The result is a truly economical production model optimized for the specific requirements of your business and market.

At Rotation Engineering, we strive to deliver the most complete and cost-effective range of metalworking services that the American manufacturing industry has to offer.