The idea behind a metal stamping company began in 1973 in the garage of Jim Lorence, Rotation’s founder. Since then, Rotation has become one of Minnesota’s premier metal stamping companies, featuring tool and die capabilities and precision fabrication. What started as a small die-making shop has become a steadily-growing metal stamping and fabrication company located in a 38,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the northwest Twin Cities area. Remaining a top player in the metal stamping industry for 50 years has required an ongoing commitment to embracing new technologies, new manufacturing methods, new and emerging markets…but above all, it has required a continual commitment to our own quality-focused culture and core values.

50 Years + 50 Employees: Sticking to Our Company’s Core Values

At 50 employees and growing, Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing embraces a team culture focused on continuous improvement. Our company is proud to be a place where every member of our team can learn, grow, and excel in their craft. Our employees embrace collaboration, work together as a team and stand aligned with Rotation’s core values: Integrity, Above and Beyond, Customer-Driven, Attitude is Everything, and Team First.

  • Integrity: We have strong moral principles that drive us to “do the right thing” for our customers and one another. Rotation Engineering Staff
  • Above and Beyond: We are motivated and committed to doing not just what is required, but what is needed. We strive to exceed expectations!
  • Customer-Driven: We think like our customer and make decisions with their satisfaction being the goal.
  • Attitude is Everything: We use an enthusiastic and energetic approach to meet challenges with a willing and positive attitude. “Let’s do it!”
  • Team First: We work together for the betterment of the company, respecting each other’s roles and abilities while always doing our individual best for the collaborative success of the team. 

Several years ago, Rotation began an employee recognition program called “Core Value Capture,” or CVC. This employee recognition program encourages all employees to recognize, or capture, one another exhibiting one or more Core Values in a way visible to the entire company. Research shows that employees who take charge of recognition feel empowered by the ability to make a difference in their co-worker’s day. Employees don’t have to wait on a supervisor, who might be off-site or too busy, to receive recognition. At the company’s quarterly All Hands meetings, all of the CVCs are read out loud and prizes are given for various categories.


After an ownership change in 2010, the new company leadership adopted the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and adapted the system to merge with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). This system, which incorporates continuous improvement and lean practices, provides Rotation with a set of tools and a cadence of leadership accountability to make it successful. In addition to clear goals and values, Rotation is focused on building an enduring company with a united team that…

  • Continuously improves and innovates.
  • Champions operational excellence.
  • Embraces professional growth.
  • Creates strong partnerships.
  • Cheers each other on.
  • Safety built into everything we do.

Continuing Our Company Mission into the Future

As Rotation embarks on its next milestones, the company remains focused on total customer satisfaction by delivering quality products on time and at a competitive price within a framework built on integrity, superior service, and advanced manufacturing technology.