A Culture of Safety

June is National Safety Month, an annual observance dedicated to safety awareness by the National Safety Council (NSC). At Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing, safety is paramount which is why fostering a culture of safety is so important to us. We prioritize safety daily, as our commitment to it not only protects employees but also enhances productivity and quality. This safety culture also helps our metrics: Rotation recently celebrated its second full accident-free year – actually over 24 months with zero OSHA-recordables!

Safety Technologies on our Machinery

Our metal stamping and fabrication machinery is equipped with advanced safety guards, presence-sensing devices, and emergency stop systems. These features significantly reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring operators can perform their tasks without unnecessary risk.

Employee Training Programs

Recognizing that technology alone is not enough, Rotation invests in employee safety training. Our training programs cover the latest safety codes, proper equipment handling, and emergency response procedures. Regular updates ensure these programs reflect new standards and industry best practices. At Rotation, we expect that safety concerns are addressed promptly, preventing accidents before they occur which is why we promote a proactive safety culture where workers are trained to identify potential hazards and report them immediately.

Rotation employees at Safety Training

Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing production and office employees at a recent companywide safety training.

Safety Strategy and Continuous Improvement

Rotation is dedicated to continuous improvement in safety standards. We regularly review and update our safety protocols to comply with the latest industry standards, and our ISO 9001:2015 certification emphasizes our commitment to quality management and safety. Regular safety audits and risk assessments help us identify areas for improvement, ensuring all safety measures remain effective and up-to-date.

A key component of our safety strategy is involving employees in safety planning. Beyond scheduled safety committee meetings, we welcome and value employee feedback, actively encouraging them to share insights and suggestions. This collaborative approach ensures that safety measures are practical and effective, fostering an environment where employees feel valued and protected.

First Aid and Safety

In the manufacturing workplace, first aid cannot be overlooked. Ensuring that first aid supplies are readily available and that employees are trained in basic first aid procedures can significantly reduce the severity of injuries and save lives. Recently, approximately 20% of Rotation’s workforce attended a full-day Red Cross First Aid/CPR training. In addition, Rotation recently installed Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), as they provide immediate assistance in the event of sudden cardiac arrest, dramatically increasing the chances of survival. By integrating first aid, safety protocols, and AED accessibility, our company has created a safer working environment that prioritizes the well-being of all employees, so they can focus on manufacturing quality metal parts and servicing our customers.

Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing’s focus on safety within the metal stamping industry is a testament to our commitment to protecting our workforce while maintaining high productivity and quality standards for our custoners. By fostering a culture of safety including incorporating safety stamping press technologies, employee training, accessible first aid, and continuous improvement, we set a benchmark for safety in the metal stamping industry. As a result, Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing ensures the well-being of its employees and enhances overall operational efficiency and market reputation.