How Many Metal Stamping Companies in Minnesota Can Claim Zero OSHA Accidents in 2022?

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Rotation News

Safety built into everything we do. That is one of the 6 statements under Rotation’s Purpose/Cause/Passion in its business plan. It is also a primary reason why Rotation focuses on Continuous Improvement (CI). Rotation and its employees strives every day to ensure we have a workplace that:

  • Is free from injury and supports our wellbeing.
  • Respects the dignity of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and community.
  • Provides job security and helps us plan for retirement.
  • Creates an opportunity for us to learn, grow and improve.

So, while accidents happen, Rotation was grateful for a year with zero OSHA accidents and rated as “Outstanding” by our safety consultant!

Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing Celebrates Its Outstanding 2022 Safety Record!

Our company has implemented a number of practices to help improve our workplace safety record. In 2022, we involved all employees in the Continuous Improvement “journey.” Continuous Improvement means just that: continuous. We encouraged employees to speak up and/or fix problem areas when they see them. While Rotation has many standard safety policies in place, such as Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) procedures and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements, there is always room for improvement, and many improvements result from employee identification. Improvements made ranged from replacing rickety folding chairs in our lunchroom to installing mats at our entrances to prevent slipping to changing the type of gloves used by shop floor employees. Additionally, Rotation also made some larger, more costly changes to its production line to ensure worker safety:

  • Over recent years, we installed foot pedals and light curtains on all of our punch press metal stamping machines, which prevent injuries caused by hands or objects in the stamping area.
  • We installed coil guards to prevent coils of metal from unspooling and spinning out, which can cause many types of injury.

Yellow Coil Guards protect employees from stray material.

Our Whole Team Is Dedicated to Maintaining the Safest Workplace Possible

Everyone on the Rotation team works hard to establish an absolutely safe, secure, and productive work environment. In addition to weekly Safety Committee meetings and monthly internal inspections, Rotation regularly invites independent external safety inspections. We always strive to ensure quality, consistency, and – above all – safety are maintained at every level of the production process. And yet, at Rotation, safety doesn’t just mean physical safety. We also believe safety means that employees show respect for each other, so that employees feel safe at work. It also means that Rotation will manage its business well to provide job security and help plan for retirement.  Our “Outstanding” safety record of 2022 is an excellent way to launch into 2023, our 50th anniversary! With a half a century of quality metal stamping experience, we’re poised to serve all of your custom metal stamping needs into 2023 and beyond.

These 2 images show how the “light curtain” works. On the left, the small light in the yellow beam is green, indicating that the press is clear to cycle. On the right, the small light turns red when someone’s hand or some other object blocks one of the beams in the light curtain.

Quality-Focused Contract Manufacturing Services Since 1973

Rotation has provided custom metal stamping services and contract manufacturing solutions for half a century, making our company one of the most experienced providers in the greater Minnesota area. Located in Brooklyn Park, our state-of-the-art facility is engineered to ensure safety for all employees while providing them with all of the tools they need to deliver superior stamping results.

OSHA Guidelines for Metal Stamping Companies in Minnesota

Did you know that the OSHA now uses the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Manual for industry identification purposes? Previously, OSHA began using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) in 2003, but it has since been replaced with the more simplified SIC system. Industry Group 346 covers manufacturers of “Metal Forgings and Stampings”, with Code 3465 specifically categorizing automotive stamping companies and Code 34669 categorizing general metal stamping providers.

Follow the link to learn more about OSHA and the Standard Industrial Classification system.