The Benefits of In-Die Tapping for Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturers

In-die tapping offers numerous advantages to complex metal stamping projects that require threaded components. An in-die tapping system performs the necessary thread-tapping operations automatically, seamlessly integrated into the progressive stamping process.

At Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing, we continuously refine our production equipment and methodologies to provide the most efficient metal stamping services possible. This includes leveraging advanced in-die tapping solutions to streamline the manufacturing of virtually any complex stamped and threaded components.

What Is In-Die Tapping for Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturers?

As the name suggests, in-die tapping adds an automatic thread-tapping operation into the progressive metal stamping process. This streamlines the manufacturing of complex parts with threaded holes by combining the stamping and tapping operations into one.

In conventional metal stamping services, thread tapping is a secondary operation that requires extra production steps and time, along with increased labor costs. In-die tapping facilitates more efficient and economical metal stamping operations by automating one of the more complex steps in the process.

An Overview of the In-Die Tapping Process

In-die tapping operations are performed in a single stage of the progressive stamping process:

  • The metal strip advances to the precise location where it is engaged with the pilot punches.
  • The metal strip is securely clamped to ensure rigidity.
  • A specialized metal forming lubricant is carefully applied to the end of the tap and pilot holes.
  • The thread taps engage and retract with the movement of the press, automatically producing threaded holes.
  • Finally, the metal strip is disengaged from the pilot punches before it progresses to the next stage.

The Advantages of In-Die Tapping Capabilities

In-die tapping provides numerous benefits when compared to secondary thread-tapping processes:

Significant Cost Savings on Higher Volume Production

In-die tapping is much more efficient than secondary thread tapping, requiring fewer steps and less labor. For example, Rotation’s in-die tapping solution runs at 40 to 50 strokes per minute, with no secondary tapping operations needed. That translates into significant savings in labor costs which we are able to pass on to our customers.

Faster Production and Rapid Turnaround

Utilizing in-die tapping can give your metal stamping project a massive boost in speed – imperative for tackling high-volume productions and/or meeting rapid turnaround requirements.

To put the volume into context, a conventional thread-tapping project might require us to set up two separate secondary tapping operations, with production being limited to roughly 75 parts per hour. In-die tapping system trounces that limitation, with the capability of producing up to 2,000 parts per hour – more than 25 times the speed and capacity of secondary tapping.

Improved Quality Control

In-die tapping can also improve the quality of your finished products. Our in-die tapping solution uses integrated sensors to detect a broken tap. If the tap is sensed as damaged, the machine prevents it from tapping a hole and potentially causing damage. This minimizes the ultimate number of rejected parts and saves substantial costs on materials.

The consistency of your products is also improved through the automated in-die tapping process – especially complex components with numerous threaded holes. Tapping numerous holes increases the chance that an operator will mis-tap or misalign one of the holes. Tapping in the press removes that risk through highly precise automation.

Precision Metal Stamping and Manufacturing with In-Die Tapping Solutions

Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing specializes in highly efficient metal stamping services optimized for your volume requirements. Based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, since 1973, our company is committed to achieving superior quality, consistency, and craftsmanship with your custom stamped parts and components.