Innovative Tooling ServicesRotation Engineering & Manufacturing was originally established in Minnesota as a custom tool and die shop in 1973. Throughout the decades since, we have continuously developed our precision tool and die capabilities to remain on the cutting edge of the American metal stamping industry.

Backed by more than 45 years of innovations in engineering and refinements in production technology, Rotation is positioned today as one of the Midwest’s premier sources of progressive die stamping solutions.

Expertise in Custom Toolmaking and Progressive Die Stamping Solutions

Our tooling department offers diverse die-making experience in a range of quality-focused industries – from transportation components to agricultural equipment, from the energy sector to commercial manufacturing applications. We offer complete in-house development capabilities for your custom tooling, alongside efficient progressive stamping services optimized to tackle your mid-volume production.

Complete In-House Tooling Services – From Die Design to CNC Machining to Delivery

  • Complete In-House Tooling ServicesCAD-based custom die design capabilities.
  • Precision tool manufacturing via multiple CNC machining centers accompanied by two wire EDM machines.
  • Rapid turnaround times with our inventory of pre-machined metals for most standard tool types.

Our facility streamlines the entire precision tooling process through our start-to-finish design, manufacturing, storage and maintenance services. Click to learn more about how Rotation’s range of in-house metal stamping and fabrication solutions supports your business’ production goals.

What Exactly is Progressive Die Tooling?

The advantage of progressive die tooling systems is the integration of numerous metal stamping stages into a single tool. As a result, a progressive die setup can be a much more efficient alternative to conventional stage or transfer tooling.

The process utilizes progressive dies – designed and manufactured in-house at Rotation – which are specialized tools capable of performing numerous operations within a single stroke of a punch press. These dies have multiple stations that each provide an operation (i.e. trim, pierce, form) that results in a finished part at the end of the die.  This type of stamping is a very efficient way to produce large quantities of parts while ensuring consistent quality.

Setting the Standard in Quality American Tooling Services for Nearly Half a Century

For nearly half a century, Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing has delivered innovative tooling and die-making solutions to an array of global industries. Our facility is based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, offering superior domestic manufacturing consistency and responsive customer service. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer, quality is stamped into every unique part we produce.