Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing not only provides our core services such as metal fabrication, press brake forming, spot welding, and hardware insertion, along with special assembly solutions. We also offer the capability to manage many secondary operations and auxiliary manufacturing services – a substantial value-add to our customers’ projects which simplifies their supply chains.

Auxiliary Services Designed to Streamline Your Project

Our secondary processes include coating protection and adding cosmetic colors to sheet metal parts. Rotation has multiple qualified and score-carded vendors in these departments to support performing specialized metal finishing operations, and will stand behind the quality of work of all of these suppliers. Pictured below are examples of custom sheet metal parts that we manufacture in-house, which are then coated with protective plating to prevent the rust and corrosion. Our metal coating options include virtually all common types of plating including anodizing, zinc coating (yellow or clear), passivation, nickel plating, mirror-like chrome plating, as well as bright dip on copper or brass.

Our finishing solutions also include numerous paint options including primers, powder coating, e-coat, and cerakote.

Raising the Bar in Minnesota’s Metal Stamping Industry Since 1973

Rotation offers far more than metal stamping services and related manufacturing processes. As a strategic partner, we can assist in managing virtually all outside operations related to your project, helping to streamline production while ensuring quality every step of the way.