Metal Stamping Companies in Minnesota Help Solve Supply Chain Issues for Customers in the Midwest

Supply chain disruptions have remained at the forefront of concerns for many American metal stamping customers over the last few years.

Between production issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing parts shortages, material procurement challenges, and exorbitant international shipping costs – many domestic sellers are exploring options to onshore their manufacturing services. Moreover, an increasing number of providers are turning to local metal stamping companies to receive more efficient and responsive solutions.

An Overview of the Market for Metal Stamping Companies in Minnesota and Beyond

Putting the trend into perspective, a 2020 study conducted by Deloitte found that 80% of the world’s manufacturing industries experienced supply chain issues related to the pandemic, while 75% of domestic companies are actively increasing their efforts to reshore production. This is largely due to the reliability and customer service offered by American manufacturers – not to mention the boost that your brand can receive through offering “Made in the U.S.A.” products.

Whether you are seeking to develop a more reliable manufacturing plan, or you aim to improve the quality and consistency of your products, metal stamping companies in Minnesota are uniquely positioned to solve supply chain issues for customers in the Great Lakes region and throughout the Midwest. Response times are reduced, shipping costs are minimized, while your ongoing product support services are localized and streamlined.

How Offshoring Can Disrupt Your Overall Supply Chain

Offshoring has been a major factor in the American manufacturing realm for decades. Domestic providers have turned to overseas manufacturers to reduce both labor and material costs, making their products more cost-effective in the marketplace.

However, international supply chain disruptions over the last several years have shown the downside of relying on offshore manufacturing. Production delays, inventory shortages, and sky-high shipping costs can quickly wipe out any price savings and throw off your entire custom metal stamping project.

Factoring in the True Cost of Offshore Manufacturing

There are a myriad of unforeseen costs that can arise when you offshore your project. Price increases come in the form of freight charges (especially expedited freight), project management costs, as well as inevitable line downtime and other delays.

Metal stamping customers attempt to calculate these auxiliary costs with a “multiplier factor” in order to keep their ongoing projects within budget. Some who utilize offshore manufacturing services will calculate costs with a much larger initial multiplier. In other words – many metal stamping customers fully expect these costs to be much higher, and are anticipating extended production delays down the line. There are a multitude of unforeseen costs to outsourcing your project.

Dual Sourcing Combines the Benefits of American Manufacturing with Offshore Cost Savings

Some metal stamping projects are most efficiently handled with a dual sourcing plan. A percentage of manufacturing is outsourced to overseas providers, while a significant portion of manufacturing remains onshore. That way your production schedule is protected from international supply chain disruptions. When procurement challenges or shipping issues arise, an American metal stamping service provider can more easily ramp up production to keep your project on track.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Local Minnesota Metal Stamping Company

  • Efficient communication and responsive project support from a local provider.
  • Reduced shipping costs and complexity.
  • Fewer delayed shipments resulting from international supply chain issues and dock closures that can result in not receiving your product on time or paying an exorbitant cost for expedited shipping to get your product on time.
  • Increased likelihood your lines will stay up and running.
  • Easier, more consistent inventory control, allowing you more flexibility with your budget.
  • Rapid turnaround for critical projects and overall shorter lead times.
  • Superior quality control solutions combined with full accountability and transparency at every step of production.
  • Less time and money spent by your teams trying to manage through the prevalent challenges with offshore resources.

Setting the Standard in Minnesota Manufacturing Quality Since 1973

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer, Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing has provided quality American metalworking solutions to a diverse range of global industries for nearly half a century. Based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, our state-of-the-art metal stamping facility is streamlined to offer your project true single-source prototype-to-production services.