Does your metal stamping project require a custom tool and die solution? Do you know how to determine whether a custom tool and die will improve your end product?

If your metal stamped products require a custom tool and die solution, you can often streamline your project by working with an experienced domestic manufacturing company.

Ensuring that quality and consistency are maintained over the lifetime of your project is much easier when working with a domestic metal stamping shop, such as Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing. After all, one slightly out-of-spec die can ruin an entire run of components and leave you scrambling to fill gaps in your supply chain.

Custom metal stamping tools and progressive dies are designed to the exact specifications of your unique products. The tooling is manufactured with extreme precision, then it is fully tested and inspected for dimensional accuracy.

Quality and Consistency Right Around the Corner

For many projects, designing a custom metal stamping tool requires close collaboration between the manufacturer and customer. This partnership ensures that the optimum tool for the job is developed – one that produces the precision you’re after while being capable of reliably meeting your volume requirements.

Responsive Engineering Solutions for Future Tooling Modifications

Some custom metal stamping projects will require tooling modifications or enhancements along the way. Modified tooling may be necessary for any number of reasons: changing the product design, adding new features, or utilizing new materials commonly requires new or revised stamping tools. When you work with an experienced American metal stamping service provider, communication and collaboration are much more efficient, ensuring that your project always receives the best tool for the job.

Minnesota Offers a Rich History of Quality American Manufacturing

Beyond the practical reasons for contracting a trusted domestic stamping shop to develop your custom tooling, consider the rich manufacturing history that Minnesota brings to the table. From the American automotive sector to industrial metal stamping for virtually every industry, our state has been home to some of the most innovative and capable domestic manufacturers of the 20th and 21st centuries. By choosing a Minnesota-based metal stamper, you support a long history of dedicated American manufacturing along with the local community and economy.

Precision Tool and Die Making Solutions Since 1973

Backed by half a century of quality contract manufacturing, Rotation Engineering provides superior metal stamping services which include custom tooling solutions and progressive stamping. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, our facility offers an in-house toolroom equipped with multiple CNC machining centers and wire EDM systems. We also stock an extensive inventory of pre-machined material to produce standard tool types on demand and help streamline your supply chain.