Rotation Celebrates Minnesota Manufacturing Month

Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing is proud to be one of Minnesota’s top metal stamping companies. Our dedication to the industry extends far beyond the factory floor – we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our community and help shape the manufacturing world of tomorrow.

After all, this is an industry that is vital to our great state’s economy and livelihood – to the tune of $56 billion in 2021. That’s roughly 14% of Minnesota’s overall gross domestic product, and it translates into 310,000 jobs – 11% of the state’s total workforce. These are just a few of the reasons why Governor Tim Waltz officially proclaimed October of 2022 to be Manufacturing Month in the State of Minnesota.

Throughout October, Rotation will be celebrating Minnesota Manufacturing Month alongside a selection of companies representing some of America’s premier manufacturers. We plan to showcase our unique capabilities in the art of metal stamping and fabrication while doing our part to help inspire the future generation of machinists, metalworkers, and craftsmen.

Working with Some of the Industry’s Most State-of-the-Art Production Equipment

Founded in 1973, Rotation has provided nearly half a century of quality metal stamping services to a diverse range of customers. We’ve proudly served leading OEMs as well as parts providers throughout the United States and across the globe. You can find our parts in the world’s finest snowmobiles, ATVs, camping equipment, bridges, industrial tools and devices you use on a daily basis.

How do we craft such a wide variety of custom metal parts in-house at our facility here in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota? We employ some of the industry’s most capable stamping and fabrication technology – along with a team of highly skilled craftspeople who know how to wield these tools to their full potential.  Our facility houses a variety of state-of-the-art equipment including:

  • Amada 6000W fiber laser cutter – Precision laser cutting services utilizing 6,000 watts of metal melting power fired from an advanced fiber optic laser focusing system.
  • A full range of 45 to 400 ton stamping presses capable of producing anything from small intricate parts to large industrial components.
  • Press brakes systems capable of production runs ranging from a couple of parts up to a few thousand.
  • High-speed, high-precision CNC machining and wire EDM technology.

More than Just a Job – Rotation Helps Pave the Path to a Career 

Staying true to the spirit of Minnesota Manufacturing Month, Rotation strives to empower all of our employees through highly rewarding career paths that match their qualifications, experience, and personal ambitions. We offer the same dedication to our employees that they put into their work – and of course we back that dedication with competitive compensation and outstanding benefits.

Some of Our Current and Most Common Career Opportunities Include:

  • CNC / EDM Machinist
    • Take command of cutting-edge CNC machining workstations and electrical discharge machining technology. Build and modify a plethora of precision metal components using advanced CNC programming systems.
  • Punch Press Operator
    • Oversee the operation of our highly efficient punch press stamping systems. Create myriad custom-stamped metal parts while ensuring quality and consistency in every unique product.
  • Press Brake Operator
    • Wield 146 tons of metal stamping force at the helm of Rotation’s advanced press brake machinery. Produce quality stamped components for a diverse range of applications – from industrial equipment to household products.
  • Toolmaker
    • Build and maintain some of the finest precision tooling in the stamping world, including complex progressive dies. Master the art of toolmaking within a highly rewarding career, working alongside some of the best craftspeople in the industry.
  • Tooling and Engineering Manager
    • Ensure quality, consistency, and – above all – safety are maintained at every level of production. Help orchestrate the engineering and product development processes as the head of your dedicated team of peers.

What’s Unique About the Service at Rotation Engineering?

  • Our core values: Integrity, Above and Beyond, Customer-Driven, Attitude is Everything, and Team First.
  • Our focus on continuous improvement: Everyone here is encouraged to share their ideas and participate in unique projects that bring those ideas to life.

In service to our valued customers, we offer:

  • Design assistance for improved products and optimized production processes.
  • A complete in-house toolroom.
  • Quick-response prototyping.
  • A quality control program that is certified by ISO 9001.