Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing is committed to continuous improvement and continual expansion. In keeping with this commitment to have the most capable production equipment, Rotation recently added the Amada EG 6013 AR servo-electric press brake to our 38,000 square-foot facility. With a 67-ton capacity and a repertoire of advanced automation features, our new CNC press brake system allows for higher speed, greater flexibility, and enhanced precision as part of Rotation’s complete custom metal stamping services.

This new press brake allows quick processing of parts up to 53.1 inches long. Along with our existing Amada 146-ton HG 1303 press brake system, the EG 6013 allows us to manufacture a wider range and volume of product types – from small, intricate parts to larger formed parts up to 122.4 inches long.



The Amada EG 6013 AR – 67-Ton Press Brake with Automation

The Amada EG 6013 AR is a full-featured press brake system powered by the industry’s first dual servo-electric drive. This state-of-the-art bending machine is engineered to provide metal stamping companies like Rotation with the efficiency along with higher production speed and higher repeatability.

  • Automated Thickness Detection System: With its built-in Thickness Detection System (TDS), the press brake continuously detects and responds to precise variances in material thicknesses. Amada’s TDS automatically compensates for thickness by modifying depth position to ensure highly stable and precise metal bending operations.
  • Highly Rigid Frame for a Larger Open Height: The machine’s extremely rigid frame achieves a larger open height, and thus a longer stroke, to accommodate a wider range of part sizes and complex component shapes.

The Manufacturing Advantages of CNC Press Brake Systems:

  • Higher Precision and Repeatability: An automated, CNC-control press brake system is the best way to ensure accurate and repeatable bending actions – whether it’s for a handful of custom stampings or thousands of production parts. So no matter your volume requirements, our state-of-the-art press brake system can reliably achieve the precision results your products require.
  • Complex Metal Forming Capabilities: Today’s press brake systems are engineered to provide more flexibility than ever before. The precision bending cell performs complex, multi-angle bends with ease, repeating each operation almost perfectly from one part to the next. Press brakes can accommodate a wide range of component designs, including difficult-to-produce variations such as components featuring numerous flange lengths and flange angles.
  • High-Speed Production: Our Amada EG 6013 AR bending cell achieves the high speed and high productivity that industrial metal stamping projects demand. As opposed to much slower manual bending machines, our system can accurately perform hundreds of bends in the same pass to more efficiently facilitate high-volume production. Furthermore, with our system’s array of built-in automation features, new runs are easier to set up while being much less labor-intensive to maintain.

The Minnesota Region’s Leading Metal Stamping Company Since 1973

Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing continually invests in the most flexible and productive metal stamping technology to better serve our ever-diversifying range of customers. Our newly installed Amada press brake system brings even more high-speed, high-precision metalworking capabilities to our full-service contract manufacturing solutions.