In-House Vibratory Finishing Capabilities from One of Minnesota’s Leading Metal Stamping Shops

Rotation’s aim is to provide full-service contract manufacturing solutions which satisfy every unique requirement of our customers’ metal stamping projects. To that end, we have recently upgraded our facility with new tumbler equipment for vibratory finishing, featuring the state-of-the-art ALMCO deburring machine which has 24 cubic feet of capacity. Alongside the new tumbler are the sediment and immersion tanks which are fed by a custom Titan load conveyor system.

Rotation’s continued investment in the most capable production technology that the industry has to offer enhances both the speed and flexibility of our in-house metalworking capabilities. This new equipment will result in a significant efficiency gain in our facility, as the tumbling line will now be fully automated. The new system also improves the employee experience by removing manual lifting that was previously required and also reducing noise with the quieter equipment.

  • ALMCO Vibratory Round Bowl SBB Series – 24 cu ft deburring machine for mass finishing
  • Oil skimmer for wash tank
  • Immersion Tank and Drag Out
  • Z-Type Load Conveyor (PC-18) integrated with Titan conveyor system


Enhanced Tumbling and Finishing Solutions for Your Custom Stamped Parts

The tumbling and vibratory finishing processes remove metal burrs along with sharp and rough edges by agitating (or tumbling) the parts in large bowls or barrels. The part containers are generally filled with water and abrasive media to facilitate the abrasion process and ultimately yield smooth, consistent part finishes.

Rotation’s Vibratory Finishing Services Include:

  • Deburring and descaling
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Burnishing
  • Radius finishing
  • Enhanced surface finishing

Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing utilizes our vibratory finishing equipment to offer your project leaner, more efficient and streamlined metal stamping services. From the engineering stages of your project to custom tooling development, from prototyping to part finishing, Rotation offers superior in-house manufacturing solutions.