Rotation Engineering has been an innovator in the American manufacturing industry for more than four decades. Read on to learn more about our diverse experience in precision metal stamping and fabrication solutions.

Rooted in America’s Precision Tool and Die Industry

Founded in Minnesota in 1973, Rotation Engineering had its start as a precision tool and die company. As American manufacturing technology rapidly advanced throughout the 1970s, demand increased for single-source providers that offered streamlined manufacturing solutions backed by certifiable product quality and accountability. Rotation Engineering stepped up to that challenge and added a full suite of metal stamping operations to our range of production services in 1975.

Continual Growth, Innovation and Investment in the Industry’s Most Advanced Metalworking Equipment and Capabilities

Business expanded rapidly, demand grew, and Rotation Engineering responded by adding an array of cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities to its repertoire. Our new line of services included electrical discharge machining (EDM), laser cutting, press brakes, welding and fabrication, as well as CNC machining centers.

The company continued to manufacture a wide range of parts. Product offerings expanded to include everything from filet knives to blood pumps. Rotation Engineering even began manufacturing state-of-the-art components used in the country’s military and defensive operations. By the early 1990s, our facility had grown from its initial 2,500 square feet to 20,000 square feet of production space.

Expanding Our Manufacturing Facilities to Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

In 1995, Rotation Engineering moved its metal stamping facilities into a new, streamlined 38,000-square-foot building located in Brooklyn Park. This expansion enabled us to diversify our services, remaining a true single-source manufacturer with unparalleled prototype-to-production capabilities. You can find out more about our complete range of manufacturing services by visiting our Capabilities Page.

Extending Our Commitment to Precision Engineering into the 21st Century and Beyond

In 2010, a new chapter for Rotation Engineering began when Craig Komschlies took over the company. Having worked with other prestigious manufacturers, Komschlies brings more than 20 years of metal stamping expertise to the table. Today, under his progressive leadership, Rotation Engineering continues to deliver innovative engineering, metal stamping and manufacturing solutions to all of our customers while optimizing its services through unbeatable craftsmanship and technological ingenuity.