Metal Stamping Services

Rotation Engineering has been one of America’s leading metal stamping companies for 50 years. From custom prototyping services to progressive die stamping, we deliver a complete range of superior manufacturing capabilities backed by unbeatable quality, consistency and customer support.

Quality metal stamping capabilities have been at the core of our superior manufacturing services for more than four decades. Our Minnesota-based metal stamping facility is equipped with precision punch presses ranging from 45 to 400 tons. From custom designed prototypes to mid-volume production runs, Rotation Engineering delivers unbeatable stamping services with quick turnaround and guaranteed consistency.

Some of the highlights of our advanced metal stamping capabilities include:


Punch Presses

  • Blow 400 ton– 54” x 96” w/feed line
  • Komatsu 200 ton servo– 35” x 57” w/feed line
  • Komatsu 200 ton– 35” x 57” w/feed line and cushion
  • Federal 125 ton– 28” x 40” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 110 ton– 27.5” x 43”w/feed line
  • Niagara 110 ton– 27” x 42” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 60 ton– 21.5” x 35.5” w/cushion
  • Komatsu 45 ton– 17.5” x 31.5” w/feed line

Press Brakes

  • Amada HG 1303 Brake Press. 146 tons, handles a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths up to 122.4 inches
  • Amada EG 6013 Brake Press. 67 tons, AR Servo-electric quickly handles up to 53.1 inches long.
Metal Stamping Part
Metal Stamping Part
Metal Stamping part
Metal Stamping part
Metal Stamping part
Metal Stamping part
Metal Stamping part

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Quality American Metal Stamping Services Since 1973

At Rotation Engineering, we strive to deliver the most complete and cost-effective range of metalforming capabilities in the American manufacturing industry. All of our metal fabrication and production services are performed utilizing our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System to ensure that we deliver the finest manufacturing quality and consistency without compromise.