We Optimize Clients’ Products for Manufacturability Through Our Streamlined Design, Tooling and Engineering Capabilities

At Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing, we optimize our unique production process for both cost and quality through our in-house design, tooling and engineering capabilities. From prototyping applications to mid-volume production projects, our metal stamping facility ensures complete efficiency backed by more than 45 years of expertise in design for manufacturability (DFM) solutions.

Quality-Engineered from Prototype to Production

Quality domestic manufacturing services begin with expert in-house engineering solutions. We are supported by one of the industry’s strongest product development specialists dedicated to improving the manufacturability of your products.

Our in-house engineering team includes expert tool makers who utilize the latest CAD software systems to refine product designs. Specializing in responsive manufacturing solutions, we help your business minimize long-term costs by ensuring every production process is fully optimized for both your products and market demands.

Some of the highlights of our product engineering and support services include:

Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing utilizes some of the industry’s most capable CAD software systems to assist in the development of your custom product solutions. Our engineering tools of choice include 3D modeling via SolidWorks, as well as laser programming of our Amada fiber laser using Dr.ABE_Blank software.

Rapid-Response Prototype Development Services

As an integral part of our complete product development services, we offer rapid-response prototyping solutions integrated within our full-scale production system. This enables our engineers to apply DFM principles throughout the process, refining your unique products for your market while guaranteeing quality and consistency in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.

Your Single-Source Domestic Manufacturing and Engineering Solution

Engineering isn’t just in our name – it’s just as much a part of our company’s DNA as our core metal stamping services. Since 1973, Rotation Engineering & Manufacturing has specialized in delivering quality, responsive solutions throughout the entire production process.