Rotation Engineering is a single-source American manufacturer offering complete design-to-delivery, prototype-to-production solutions for metal stamped and fabricated parts. Our company prides itself on providing unbeatable product quality, consistency and speed-to-market that our integrated manufacturing efficiency enables us to deliver in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.

If you are searching for ways to optimize your production, to remove extra costs, complexity and headaches associated with overblown outsourced manufacturing processes, Rotation Engineering has your business covered with our full range of streamlined inventory and production services.

We Solve Your Supply Issues With Integrated Manufacturing Services

At Rotation Engineering, we tackle your production head-on with our versatile in-house manufacturing capabilities. We not only design and optimize your prototypes for manufacturability, we provide the precision tooling, metal stamping, fabrication and assembly solutions that will fast-track your products to market.

Rotation Engineering Delivers:

  • Over 45 years of innovation in engineering and prototyping.
  • Design expertise to improve the functionality of your products – making them stronger, lighter, thinner, or otherwise increasing functionality and reliability.
  • Dependable, cost-effective stamping dies and tooling for your unique products and applications.

At the same time, we collaborate closely with your production needs to engineer long-term manufacturing solutions that are optimized for your unique products and market requirements. We strive to maintain long-lasting partnerships that enable you to exceed all of your manufacturing goals.

In-House Prototype-to-Production Capabilities from a Single-Source American Manufacturer

Rotation Engineering provides a complete range of precision manufacturing capabilities to streamline your custom parts from prototype through production:

  • Engineering design assistance
  • Complete in-house toolroom
  • Quick response prototyping
  • Extensive manufacturing capability
  • Fast track development
  • Inventory, packaging and shipping capability
  • Kanban component scheduling
  • Proven quality program with full documentation
  • Value engineering track record