Raw Manufacturing MaterialsThe success of your metal stamping project ultimately depends upon the quality and availability of your raw materials. After all, your finished products are only as good as the metal from which they are stamped.

Inferior metals make for a far more complicated quality control process, inconsistent products, and more rejected parts. And that’s assuming you can even find the amount of raw material your project requires, or that the materials won’t be exorbitantly priced due to shortages and supply chain issues. As the COVID-19 pandemic and other global events have demonstrated throughout recent years, neither of those assumptions is a safe bet.

These are just a few of the reasons why your metal stamping shop’s material vendor sources truly matter. At Rotation Engineering and Manufacturing, we leverage a global network of premium vendors through partnerships that we have developed over the last 50 years as one of Upper Midwest’s leading metal stamping service providers.

Quality-Built Products Demand Up-to-Spec Materials

Your custom-stamped products can be designed around a certain material spec to ensure consistent manufacturing results, as well as product performance and reliability. In some applications, a specific type of metal is required for your products to be certified by various regulatory, safety, and environmental codes.

In all cases, it’s important to have a reliable material source established. Otherwise, your production can screech to a halt or skyrocket in costs when the materials you require suddenly become scarce or unavailable on the spot market.

Meeting Your Production Deadlines and Avoiding Supply Chain Disruptions

A reliable network of raw material vendors will help keep your project on schedule and under budget. At Rotation, we strive to have numerous sources for our materials so that we can procure a steady supply at the best price.

We leverage a diverse network beginning with local vendors in the Brooklyn Park, Minnesota area, spanning all the way to global suppliers. This helps us navigate price fluctuations and shortages on the spot market, avoid supply chain disruptions, and offer the most reliable metal stamping solutions possible.

The Advantage of Rotation’s Trusted Vendor Network

  • Responsive American contract manufacturing services backed by a global network of premium material vendors.
  • Reliable vendor relationships established throughout 50 years of quality service to the domestic metal stamping industry.
  • Expertise in design for manufacturability (DFM) to help you choose the optimum material for your unique application.
  • Efficiency through just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, Kanban, blanket order/stocking systems, and customer order control.
  • Rotation strives to meet all of your raw material procurement challenges, reduce your inventory holding costs, meet your Lean requirements, avoid stockouts, and  ramp up production precisely when your project requires it.