The Advantages of a Custom Progressive Tool and Die Solution

progressive die stripOrdering custom progressive tooling for your commercial metal stamping project requires an upfront investment. Nevertheless, progressive die stamping is often the most efficient and reliable way to manufacture your complex stamped products. It can even be the most cost-effective production method in the long run, wherein the upfront cost of custom tooling is outweighed by the speed and efficiency of the progressive die stamping process.

Maximum Production Speed

In progressive stamping, a uniquely designed tool and die set is built around the requirements and specifications of your products. That means your project receives truly optimized custom tooling solutions engineered to provide maximum production speed and throughput – an absolute necessity for many high-volume applications.

The numerous metalworking operations required to manufacture each feature are engineered into the tooling itself before it is loaded into the press. This gives us a streamlined way to stamp your finished products with minimum cycle time required.

Ultimate Quality and Consistency

Utilizing progressive stamping can offer your project higher quality and more consistent products. With a custom progressive die, all stamping operations are carried out in one operation – on the same tool, with no manual repositioning of the product or material. As a result, every finished product is virtually identical, free from the variances that can sometimes be found in parts produced on press brakes.

Material Savings

When Rotation’s tooling experts build a custom progressive tool and die, it is designed from the ground up to maximize efficiency in the manufacturing of your product. We optimize our progressive dies around each component’s physical dimensions and shapes. The tooling is refined to use as little material as possible in the stamping process, further reducing your production costs without compromising on quality.

A More Sustainable Custom Metal Stamping Service

Once you combine all of the above benefits, progressive die stamping is a threefold method for more sustainable contract manufacturing services:

    1. Increased speed and reduced labor requirements make for maximum production efficiency.
    2. Increased product quality and consistency reduce the number of rejected parts and help establish your products’ long-term place in the market.
    3. Using less material, energy and labor means less waste and a reduced carbon footprint, making your products greener and ultimately more sustainable.

A Progressive Die Stamping Partner You Can Count On

Established in 1973, Rotation has remained a leading provider in the American metal stamping industry for nearly half a century. We specialize in highly accurate and efficient progressive die stamping services supported by a complete range of engineering and contract manufacturing solutions. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, our company is dedicated to superior quality, consistency, and craftsmanship and is backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification.